Shakti Junior College

Transforming Lives

Dr. S.S. Tripathy President, the Uranium

This college has been founded in 2009 with the only objective of training, coaching and guiding the students to succeed in IIT entrance examination in large numbers while pursuing their +2 course under CHSE, Odisha. Thus, the students take the integrated course both for CHSE and IIT entrance examination, the latter being the focus and dominating aspect of SJC. While a single city like Patna in Bihar produces more than 100 IITians every year, the whole of Orisha remains way behind this figure. This is a humiliating situation for all the people of Orisha in general and academicians who teach Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in Particular. 

So, we conceived of developing a dedicated college which will work to meet this challenge. Fortunately, Mr. Shakti Behera(Mathematics), myself(Chemistry),and our Physics colleague have a long standing experience in coaching for IITians and so have joined in this venture with both professional and missionary spirit. The first batch will appear the test in 2011 April. 

I am directly involved in coaching the students of SJC in Chemistry for IIT entrance examination.

I am convinced the whole of Odisha will watch us in action and shortly the credibility of our work will be tested by one and all and there will be a flood of intelligent, gifted and hard working students who can be molded into IITians in large numbers than the students with mediocre and average caliber.

I pray to give us strength to prove ourselves.

Sakti R. Behera Chairman

A born leader in Orissa Mr. Sakti Ranjan Behera who has a strong command on Mathematics  and has produced number of IITians established Shakti Educational Trust (SET) with an objective of imparting quality Education, which transforms our new generation youth into meaningful citizens of the country and to raise the dignity of teaching profession. It was conceived with vision for quality education by eminent educationist who committed to excellence in education. These distinguished teachers are the real strengths of the college. His strong determination, clear vision, willpower, dedication, has brought the” SHAKTI JUNIOR COLLEGE” which has been established keeping this in view to meet the growing needs of higher professional education. This SJC is part of “SET” aggressive new effort to focus on competitive atmosphere worldwide.

Sashi Bhusan Nayak MTech. Computer Sciencen

SASHI SIR is very caring, understanding & friendly towards his students.He has a record of producing students with outstanding career. 

Although young, he has an ability to motivate the students to adopt positive attitudes  for the brightness of their future.He always inspires his students to prosper along with divine path.He  gives spiritual talks to students to be in the right track to achieve the target.