Check Different Achievements Of Shakti Junior College

"By Virtue of my experience of 6 months here at Shakti Junior College undoubtedly. I would say that it is the only college in Odisha which can assist a student to alarge extent in his / her apporoach of building a bright carrier as well as to come with flying colours in competitive examinations.

HSC Topper (2011)

"After one year I am feeling that my decision was absolutely correct as I have completed 2 years course of CHSE in one year along with the completion of 50% course of IIT and AIEEE syllabus, which I won’t have got in any college of the State. Hence it is my message to all my friends and juniors that always believe on facts not on words and perhaps it is Shakti Junior College where you can fulfill your dreams with the grace of God your efforts, supports of excellent teachers.

Anupam Jena